Metal Vintage Home Goods

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Brass Coat Rack with Swivel Hooks
Brass Matches Tin
Set of Three Nesting Copper Wall Sconce Planters
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Brass Magazine Rack
Tall Footed Brass Planter with Lion Head Handles
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Small Brass Vase
Vertical Relief Design Brass Pot
Brass Wine Rack
6" Brass Planter with Etched Feet
Set of 4 Brass Oversized Kitchen Utensils
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Wall Sconce Candle Holder
Black Metal Coat Rack w/ Brass Faces
Tall Hammered Brass Vase with Line Design
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Floral Etched Brass Pedastal
Lion Legged Round Container with Lid
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Skinny Stylized Brass Wall Sconce
Black Metal Candlestick with Wooden Advancer
Brass Candlestick Duo with Subtle Engraving
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Brass Scorpion Candlestick with Handle
Brass Mug
Brass Mug
$ 22.00
Copper Planter with Brass Handles
Cut Out Oval Brass Keepsake Box with Lid
Trio of Twisted Brass Candlesticks
Large Brass Pillar Candlestick
Small Brass Chalice Planter
Mini Brass Watering Can
Set of 3 Brass Candlesticks With Step Design
Round Brass Shell Dish
Set of Three Copper Measuring Cups
Round Brass Keepsake Box