Cecil, though part of a large family, is still a special snowflake. While she bears a striking resemblance to every one of her siblings, she stands out thanks to the one of a kind configuration of deadstock marble slabs nestled between the opening of the vintage brass tube.

As part of the MOVIS line, she's got 'movement' in her soul, from the pendulous swing of the marble slices to the glint of the vintage snake chain that mimics the way the sun shines off a smooth pool of water as the light changes.

•handcrafted in our Chicago studio from vintage brass + deadstock marble pendants. *over time, the brass may develop a darker patina (exposing the jewelry to water quickens that process) but if you don't like that look, a quick rub with a polishing cloth will brighten it up.

•measures 25" around with a 1 3/4" drop in the center front

all clyde's rebirth products are lovingly handmade in Chicago IL from vintage and pre-loved materials, which means no two items will be exactly alike, but instead uniquely singular. since they are made to order, please allow 3-5 business days in addition to shipping times. they come wrapped in vintage scarves to save on paper waste and we will do our best to accommodate favorite colors you write in the message to vendor box.

Type: Jewelry

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