Made by Women

the SHUDIO is a unique hybrid consisting of a retail shop stocked with eco conscious, sustainable wares and an attached studio with two in house artists . Founded by Merl Kinzie, the shop + studio is a veritable treasure trove of 'green' goodness. Offering an array of products including the handcrafted lines from featured artists Clyde's Rebirth jewelry and Verdant Matter ceramics and timeless yet modern women's vintage clothing and accessories, quirky antique home goods, all natural + vegan apothecary items, we've got something for everyone and every price point, all locally made by some bad ass lady creative entrepreneurs
Merl Kinzie | Owner // Creative Director
Her mother spells it Merle, some people write Merrill and phonetically it would be Murl.  Besides having a delightfully difficult moniker, Merl is the owner and creative director of The Shudio and also one of the artists in residence with her hand crafted jewelry line Clyde's Rebirth. 
She is also the ultimate cat lady, having named her jewelry line after her eldest feline and loves getting to meet and interact with all the varied customers visiting the shop, collaborating with fellow bad ass lady entrepreneurs and featuring her cats on way too many snapchats.

Kelly Doodeman | Ceramicist + Featured Artist
Flexing her green thumb by stocking and quickly replenishing the greenery in the shop, Kelly finds the rest of her time in the studio quickly filled up by hand making all the ceramics offered in store under her line Verdant Matter. From colorful plant pots of all sizes to deliciously aromatic -and refillable!- candles and votive holders, her items are in high demand. 
An animal lover as well, on open week days you'll likely catch her canine duo Lola + Trip keeping her company in the back and sneaking up front to enthusiastically greet new customers.