Septa Cuff Bracelet

This cast was taken from a genuine fossilized Pleuroceras Ammonite negative. A mold was made in wax, then hand carved into this small, round shape. Negative fossils are a trace fossil that are made when an ammonite shell was pressed into sediment, leaving an impression. That sediment eventually fossilized. The specimen used to create this piece came from Germany and dates to the Lower Jurassic, about 185 million years ago!
  • brass casts of a genuine Ammonite negative fossil
  • sterling silver cuff available in 3 sizes - each is a little adjustable but opening and closing the bracelet is not reccomended
  • the casts are 3/8" wide
        As brass reacts with oxygen it will begin to tarnish. On some people, that tarnish can stain the skin leaving a temporary greenish discoloration. Keeping your jewelry clean and dry will reduce the amount of oxidation/discoloration.

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        Type: Bracelets

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